Referrer Program

At Royal Guardian, we have developed a Referrer Program specifically designed to reward our existing clients! It's a simple concept and requires minimal effort on your behalf.
Here's how it works: You may have friends, family or colleagues who are interested in obtaining a loan to purchase a home or commercial property, to refinance their home or commercial loan, or consolidate existing home loans etc. Refer that person to Royal Guardian, and on settlement of their loan, we will pay a Referral Fee.

How You benefit

The referral fee will be determined based on your referral volume and quality level, starting at $300 per settled loan, and rising up to .2% of the settled loan amount for high volume referrers. The more loans you refer to Royal Guardian, the higher the referral fee!

Referrer Program Fee Structure

Ad hoc Referrals - $300
2-3 Referrals in 12 months- .1% of the loan amount (minimum $300, max $1000 per loan)
4-6 Referrals in 12 months- .15% of the loan amount (minimum $300, max $1000 per loan)
>6 Referrals in 12 months- .2% of the loan amount (minimum $300, max $1000 per loan)

If you deposit the referrer fee into your home loan, you can halve your loan term simply by referring one successful loan applicant to us per month.


What you need to Know!

* You must be accredited as a referrer BEFORE our Lending Consultant begins dealing with the referred client.
* You must read and follow any information we will provide you about referring before you can refer clients
* You must refer directly to your original Lending Consultant, or a consultant appointed by us.
* To qualify for the Referrer Fee, we must have you recorded as the referrer before we begin dealing with the client.

Are you interested?

Register as a Royal Guardian Referrer by contacting your Lending Consultant on 1300 4 ROYAL (1300 4 76925) or by sending an email to You will be issued with a 'Referrer ID Number', which you can then pass on to your family, friends and colleagues to let our Loan Managers know you have referred them. And that's the end of your involvement - leave the rest to us!

Easy isn't it? Get involved today!!

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